Technical Support

In-office tech support is available Monday through Friday, 8AM to 7PM. Outside of those times, after-hours tech support will work with you to troubleshoot any problems you encounter. If an after-hours technician is unable to find a solution, they will inform one of our local technicians, who will call you at 9:30AM the following business day, unless a better time is specified. Business issues and large-scale outages will be escalated to a local technician for immediate review.

Technical Support

Internet Support

Internet Speed Test

This lets you determine your Internet speed that you are currently receiving. Citizens may use this test to troubleshoot potential Internet connection problems. There are other speed tests available, but this one will test only your connection between you and our office to ensure that you are getting the speeds you should be on our network.

Run Speed Test

IP Address

Don't know what your IP address is? Find it quickly here! This can also help our tech support help you.

IP Address Check
Cable Support

Parental Controls

All of our set-top boxes come equipped with parental controls that enable you to easily block entire channels or specific programs. If you are having trouble setting up your parental contorls, give us a call at 724-423-5777 and we will walk you through the process.

Channel Error Reporting

If you are experiencing issues with your signal quality, such as breakups, pixelization or freezing, please use this reporting tool to let us know so we can help fix this problem.

Report Channel Problem

Phone Support

Do Not Call Registry

The national Do Not Call Registry is setup to redue the number of telemarketing calls you receive at home. More information can be found by clicking the link below.

Do Not Call Registry

Voice Mail Setup

Learn how to setup and use your voicemail, step by step.

Voice Mail Setup

Phone Book

To see calling plans, helpful information, billing procedures, customer info and phone feature guides check out our information pages in Citizens Telephone Book!

Phone Book