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Services Affected:

  • Internet Service
Bell Memorial Road Cleanup

Thank You to all our Volunteers

We had a successful cleanup day on Saturday morning. We can't thank the volunteers enough for all of their hard work and determination!

We are so proud of all the volunteers and Citizens Fiber employees for spending their Saturday morning cleaning up litter. This could not have been done without such an amazing group of people.

We collected over 90 bags of trash on Bell Memorial Church road, and over 25 tires.

Internet Privacy Protection

We Don't Sell Your Data

A bill was signed into law on Monday April 3, 2017 to repeal the internet privacy protections that were put in place in late 2016. These protections placed some limitations on what Internet Service Providers could do with a customer's browsing information.

Here at Citizens Fiber, we have no plans to sell any of our customer's browsing information to anyone. We have never done this in the past and have no plans to do so in the future. Our customer's right to privacy is paramount to us, and we don't feel it is right to profit from their private information.

We hope this helps to eliminate any fears you may have had over discussions to revoke the proposed internet privacy protections. If you are happy with the service you receive from us and the decisions we make to protect your privacy over our bottom line, please let your friends and family know about us.

Going Green

Electronics Drop Off

Do you have any old electronics at your home collecting dust? If the answer is yes, we have a solution for you! Drop off any unwanted electronics to our front office, and free up some space in your home. Items that we will accept are listed below.

  • Computers (Desktop & Laptop)
  • Stereo/Radio Equipment
  • Videogame Systems
  • DVD/VCRs
  • Cameras
  • Phones

We are not currently accepting any televisions or monitors. This may change in the future.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please call our office at 724.423.3000.

Channel Changes


  1. Effective February 1, 2017, NBCUniversal will discontinue delivery of Cloo Network (107).
  2. Effective February 28, 2017, Big Ten Network (59, 60), will no longer be available on Citizens’ cable lineup. This is due to contract negotiations that failed to result in a reasonable rate agreement.
  3. Effective March 1, 2017, Fusion (120), Sprout HD (814), Discovery Family HD (817), Fox Business HD (830), Bloomberg HD (831), ESPN U HD (832), and ESPN News HD (833), will be available on the Deluxe lineup. It has come to our attention that these channels, though properly advertised as Deluxe on our lineup cards and website, were incorrectly set up for the Classic lineup on our cable boxes.
  4. Effective March 1, 2017, Oxygen (161) and Oxygen HD (861) will be available on the Classic lineup, previously advertised as Deluxe only.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please call our office at 724.423.3000.

Help Us Help You

At Citizens Fiber, we strive to provide you with the best quality video service. From time to time, we experience errors with our channel feeds. This can be related to sun outages, terrestrial interference, equipment malfunctions, or a number of other factors. We try to monitor our channels and correct any of these issues as quickly as possible. However it’s not possible to watch all the channels all the time. We’ve created a tool so that you can help us identify any problems that you may see, which will help us correct them as quickly as possible. The Channel Reporting page is available by clicking on the Technical Support tab at the top of this page, or directly by clicking the button below. Thank you as always for your support, and for helping us to provide the best service possible.

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